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Everyone is passionate about something. Some folk are even crazy about some things. We’d like to think that we are somewhere in between (although some in the office definitely swing towards one edge of the pendulum than others).

Our passion is Rainbow Riches and the many versions that have spawned since IGT and Barcrest came up with the award-winning slot machine that has since become a part of our nation’s gambling history.

Our dedicated editorial team are as passionate about Rainbow Riches as John Motson is about football, or John McCririck is about horse racing. While none of us are called John, we are, to a man, gaming geeks and we make no apologies for it, but hopefully our nerdish passion comes across on these pages and delivers the best information available anywhere to give any Rainbow Riches enthusiast the tools he or she needs to make the most out of this fantastic game.

Sean Wilson (Chief Editor)

Sean is a gaming enthusiast with over 20 years experience in research and development. He is also a Vegas-frequenter who claims his trips are for “research” purposes.

Michael Orford (Editor)

Michael has worked for some of the major players in the slots industry for over a decade. He brings a unique take to his role as editor by arriving late for work nearly every Monday.

James Robinson (Copy Editor)

James insists that the role of Copy Editor doesn’t involve copying what everyone else does, but we aren’t so sure. At least his vast experience in gaming software gives him some leeway when it comes to office banter.

Carlos Vanilla (Writer)

Carlos uses his know-how as a copywriter to good effect, and his love of online gaming always helps. Being the only non-Brit in the office, it is still surprising that he retains the best grasp of grammar amongst us (surprising to him, at least).

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