Plenty O’ Fortune

Software IGT
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Jackpot 20,000
Bonus Rounds 3
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Just when you thought it was safe…another leprechaun leaps at you with the promise of gold! Playtech is the gaming house responsible for unleashing Plenty O Fortune on the world, and yet again have put a new spin on this, the most popular of themes. We have already seen different approaches in the delivery of leprechaun-themed slots, varying form the serious to the light-hearted, the sublime to the ridiculous. Playtech’s version delivers all you could hope for – including a great intro and great gameplay.


Playtech have ran with the essence of leprechaunism (now officially a word!) in that our hero is once again the light-hearted epitome of the Irish legend. The game’s intro shows us our leprechaun guide swigging a flagon of ale, before apparently puking gold coins into a well that bounce out and land in nice, neat piles of winnings – our winnings! – that highlight the bonus rounds awaiting us.  Throughout the intro we are treated to a great sound scape, like some lilting Irish fiddle music and cheeky comments from the leprechaun himself – sounds that carry us all the way through the five reels, 20 paylines and three bonus rounds until we land breathless at the finish.

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You’ve got the gist of this by now – spin and win. The stuff you really need to know: minimum bet is 20p (on one payline), maximum bet is £10,000 (across all paylines). With a 500x jackpot you have a whapping great possibility of landing something massive. Need we say more?


This is where Plenty O Fortune gets really interesting: three bonus rounds that are possibly the best of any of our featured leprechaun slots. There, I said it. Before you twist, just try it. You’ll like what you see.

The first bonus round is the Wishing Well Bonus. Forget the deja-vu, just look out for three wishing well symbols anywhere across the five reels. Coins froth forth from the wishing well in question and you take home whatever our leprechaun manages to catch in his hat. Land four wishing well symbols and enjoy a 2x multiplication bonus; hit one on every reel and you will be staring at a 10x bonus!

The second bonus round is the Free Spins Bonus, triggered by landing a leprechaun symbol on the middle three reels. This is a standard free spins model, apart from a neat touch from Playtech – 12 free spins with gold, silver and bronze coins added to the reels that offer 5x, 2x and 1x multipliers.

No leprechaun-based slots title would be complete without an End of the Rainbow bonus, and Plenty O Fortune does not disappoint. Triggered by three, four or five pot of gold symbols; four pots of gold will amass a 3x multiplier during the bonus game while five will see you reap a huge 10x multiplier. The game itself sees you roam up six levels, on each of which you will turn over a pot of gold with a cash prize. You can collect at any time, but if you do it will be the last Pot you uncover – fortune may well favour the brave!


With Plenty O Fortune, Playtech have done the unthinkable by creating a fresh, vibrant slot from a plundered theme. This is a score for the outfit’s development team. They have really thought outside the box to bring us what is arguably the best leprechaun-themed slot title yet.

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