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We’ve all seen the movies where a devious protagonist places a box behind a fruit machine, triggering an instant payout of outpouring coins and a faux look of surprise on our hero’s face.

While such tales are fantasies for every would-be one-armed bandit vanquisher, for the average Joe they remain just that and for those who play online they are an irrelevant pipe dream.

The truth is that there are plenty of Rainbow Riches cheats, tricks and strategies into which players can dig their teeth to give themselves the best possible chance of walking away with the leprechaun’s pot of gold.

There is much information bandied around the Internet about sure-fire strategies to achieve slot jackpots, but such here-say should be taken with a pinch of salt. In fact, the best Rainbow Riches cheats are instead slot strategies for each game to maximise profits from minimum outlay.

As online gaming houses are heavily regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, established in 2005 to regulate the burgeoning online gambling industry, there is little or no chance of either cheating the gaming houses or being cheated by them.

What we are left with is a win-win situation that leaves players with a fair playground to achieve the big winnings which draw them to these fantastic slots in the first place.


Most online Rainbow Riches machines are set to a payout percentage of 95%. This effectively means that the more credits players plough in to the game the higher their rewards.

With this in mind a long-term strategy is the key to achieve maximum results, and while some players utilise an incremental stake system the RNGs used in the software of the games should render this pointless.


The original game has 20 win lines, while the Win Big Shindig has 10. Playing stakes-per line that sees the maximum stake being wagered will result in more chances of landing the all-important bonus rounds and the rewards that they entail.

A simple strategy is therefore choosing the game that is most suited to you. After all, if you couldn’t swim you are unlikely to suggest a quick match of water polo, would you?

The same is true of slot games. If you prefer the majority of payouts to come from the reels then the original game is the best choice, while the Win Big Shindig offers greater return from its bonus games.


When many strategy sites discuss Rainbow Riches cheats they really mean the many bonuses that the game has to offer. Various combinations of scatter symbols found on the reels activate these bonus rounds.

Having the highest stake possible during the bonus rounds will ensure that the bonus multiplier has the maximum effect on potential winnings – a dream for all players.

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