Rainbow Riches Fruit Machines

Originally launched in 2006, Rainbow Riches fruit machines quickly became some of the most popular ever seen in the UK.

Released for the Category B market and installed in pubs, bookmakers and bingo halls across the UK, punters up and down the land proved that the luck of the Irish was too great an allure to ignore.

The original slot machine had a £1 stake and £500 jackpot, with twenty winning lines across five reels. It also utilised the video slot technology that was pioneered by US gaming behemoth IGT to create a microcosm of mystical Ireland.

Using video bonus rounds led by a dancing, lilting leprechaun that has to this day remained the figurehead on all Rainbow riches fruit machines.

In 2009 the game was swept up in the Internet gambling boom, and its successful brand on the high street would be sure to make it an online success.

The video-based bonus rounds were made for online gaming. With the ease-of-use afforded to Internet gamblers meant that players could now play from 1p per-line stakes, and choose up to a maximum of twenty lines.

The key concern for Barcrest – the UK-based subsidiary of IGT that was responsible for the original release, all powered by gaming technology maestros Wagerworks – had been to keep the new online slot more playable than its land-based cousin with better prizes and jackpots to boot.

The thousands of new players up and down the land can lay testimony to their achievements, as Rainbow Riches fruit machines are still the most popular slot franchise throughout the UK.

Included in that franchise are the new faces in the series, slots which have built on the successes of the original while retaining its appeal.

Wagerworks have again shown that game development is a must for any successful franchise and, done right, can ensure that the series becomes part of the gaming fabric of the nation.

That online gaming helped the slots industry is a massive understatement, as without the constraints of brick and mortar gaming houses to restrict jackpots and prizes they could offer near-unlimited sums.

The example of the Rainbow Riches fruit machines is a shining case in point.In fact it’s a beacon for other slots out there struggling for their online version to match the popularity of their original counterparts.

Such is the rich history and appeal of Rainbow Riches fruit machines, that now many resellers refurbish and refit them and sell them for the home market.

Not only can players follow their favourite leprechaun through their preferred online casino or gaming house, but they can also play the historical masterpiece in their lounge (paid for, perhaps, by the winnings from the online game). Now, if that isn’t the best of both worlds, we don’t know what is.

Rainbow Riches

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