Rainbow Riches Jackpots

Let’s not beat around the bush (unless there is a pot of gold underneath it, of course!), players enjoy these slots not merely for the roguery of the leprechaun’s mischief but also, and more importantly, for the huge jackpots that he offers.

While he may greet you with, “Top of the morning to you, and the rest of the day to yourself,” the only one way that the rest of the day will be spent smiling as the leprechaun intends is scooping one of the big jackpots that characterise his slots game.

There are countless videos of players sharing their Rainbow Riches jackpots on YouTube, example enough that these experiences promote feelings of sheer elation that are worthy of sharing with the world and his brother.

In all of these examples, new players may be surprised to see just how easy it seems to scoop jackpots of up to £500.

While cynics out there will question just how long those players have been playing and how many coins they have ploughed in to those machines before they have hit the jackpots, the truth is that the game’s high payout percentages mean that the Rainbow Riches jackpots are some of the best available from any slots game out there.

The same is true of Rainbow Riches jackpots online. The original game used the Pots of Gold, Wishing Well and Road to Riches bonus rounds to earn players bonus payouts of up to an incredible £20,000.

To top (of the morning!) this off, many sites offer a progressive Rainbow Riches jackpot of up to £200,000, with maximum line wins set between £12,000 and £12,500 per line.

As if those sums weren’t impressive enough, the Win Big Shindig sequel made even more of the bonus rounds than its predecessor.

Offering an incredible 25,000 credits jackpot with the multiplying bonus rounds pushing that potential up further still with a 10x or 20x multiplier.

Mobile gamers need not fear being left out of the Rainbow Riches jackpots fever, as mobile casino players can expect a maximum payout of £5,000 per line, with plenty of opportunity to crank up the jackpots in the bonus rounds.

With winning big at the heart of this franchise, it is no surprise that it is still one of the most popular slots available on- and offline. Players unimpressed by the figures to be won are either playing it cooler than Paul Newman in The Colour of Money, or are strangers to online gaming.

The truth is that even King Cool himself would raise his eyebrows at these kinds of winnings, and perhaps could even lead to an Irish-themed salad dressing in homage to such a jackpot.

The good news for any online winner is that you don’t have to tread those roads and can instead enjoy the fruits of the game any way you see fit.

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