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Mobile gaming is a term that can conjure up all sorts of images: playing Guess Who? on a train, doing keep-ups on an escalator or attempting Twister on roller skates.

Fortunately for today’s gamers they are merely by-products of a marketing assistant’s brain storming session, and real mobile gaming means utilising Smartphone technology to allow players to enjoy their favourite casino games at the touch of a screen.

With the gambling sector abuzz with this latest technological move, it is no surprise to see Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold emerge as the mobile version of everyone’s favourite leprechaun-led slot.

Just like its big brother, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold utilises five reels with twenty win lines. In fact, fans of the original online slot will not recognise any differences with the mobile version in terms of game play.

The famous cheeky leprechaun returns with all of the reels containing the same standard and bonus symbols.

The main differences are the minimum and maximum bets, set to 1p and 25p per line (20p to £5 per total stake) and the bonuses available.

The mobile version offers progressive jackpots emerging from our leprechauns pots of gold (hence the title, get it?), which follows the iconic Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold bonus round in the original version of the game.

The leprechaun dances over the spinning pots of gold – which are gold, silver and bronze – containing various amounts of booty. This means cash rather than jiggling dancing ladies, but the sensation at the end may well involve the same feelings of elation.

There are also two smaller bonus features that follow the bonus rounds from the game’s parent version, the eponymous Wishing Wells and the Road to Riches that fans of the original will know and love.

Logging in to your favourite online casino account will yield an available download of the Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold game from your provider, and like the original game these downloads utilise RNG technology to ensure that each spin is completely random.

As such, the payout percentage and theoretical average player return stands at 95%, meaning that the mobile version has as much to offer as if playing on a desktop or laptop.

Also fortunately for mobile users, nothing is lost in the switch from online casinos to Smartphones. Without getting too technical, mobile processing capability is at a similar level to many standard computers.

With availability across Apple iOs, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows platforms and with 3G connectivity prevalent in most places across the UK players can keep that leprechaun dancing whatever handset they hold and wherever they may be (for he is the Lord of the Dance, said he).

So he is, to be sure.

Rainbow Riches

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