Rainbow Riches Payouts

Game play is all well and good, but only the most dedicated (and deluded!) of players would honestly claim that they only play online slots for the love of the game.

The very point of gambling is to win money, and with its multi-line winning system and multiplication bonuses Rainbow Riches Payouts have taken their cue from its land-based ancestors and are as competitive as any available online.

Historically, land-based Rainbow Riches machines made use of a “hold” and “nudge” feature, and offered one winning line across three reels with a maximum payout of £35.

With the boundaries of traditional gaming removed online, the Internet version of the little leprechaun has much more to offer.

By offering 20 win lines across every spin the game uses a stake-per-line system, meaning that every stake is multiplied by a maximum of 20.

If a player enters a 5p stake-per-line amount and plays across every line available it means their total stake will be £1.

Both the stake-per-line amount and the number of lines played are completely changeable, something of great appeal to princes and paupers alike.

Rainbow Riches Pay Table


The minimum stake-per-line from most gaming houses amounts to 1p with the maximum often set as £20, which will leave a maximum total stake of £400.

Playing that stake and winning the maximum Rainbow Riches payout could land a player a huge £200,000, enough to buy him and 199,999 of his friends a Ryan Air flight to Dublin to celebrate!

From an objective perspective, it pays (literally!) to play the maximum number of lines. Imagine the disappointment of a possible 5 of a kind (paying out between £5 and £25) landing on an un-played line.

For the sake of a few extra pence per spin, players can give themselves a better chance of landing one of the bigger Rainbow Riches payouts. A no-brainer, even for a scatterbrained leprechaun!

However, different players have different slot strategies. Hedging the bets on the individual stake could lead to modest bonus-based winnings.

The Pots of Gold, Wishing Well and Road to Riches bonuses offer multipliers of their own, multiplying total stakes by up to 500 times. Doing the math means that these bonus Rainbow Riches payouts could land users an incredible £20,000.

As for the regular in-game payouts and odds, players should be looking out for those gold coins as they offer the greatest Rainbow Riches payouts.

They can be substituted for any of the other winning symbols to ensure a much better chance of players winning across the reels.

The average odds payout hovers at 95%. Generally casino houses tend to prefer a higher payout percentage, as this means more incentive for players to keep playing.

For those interested in long-term strategy, it is always worth checking the payout percentage with their favourite casino.

If it turns out to be low there are plenty of other gaming providers out there that will offer higher percentage Rainbow Riches payouts, so players should keep an open mind when they chase their little green friend across the spinning reels.

Rainbow Riches

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