Rainbow Riches Videos

Seeing is believing, and if there is one thing that slot machines prove time and again it is that there is no sight quite like witnessing the outpouring of coins as a machine announces a jackpot result. Of course, there is no such spouting of coins in online casinos and mobile games, which is quite fortunate as it could cause a few issues traveling home on the bus with passengers left and right. However, make no mistake the feeling of elation at winning a progressive jackpot on a mobile phone is as great as one in a brick and mortar casino – perhaps even more so given the jackpots on mobile and casino gaming are much bigger than those in their traditional counterparts.

Here we have included some Rainbow Riches videos to not only give you a flavour of exactly what to expect from the games themselves but also as a testimony to just how much fun there is to be had when playing the most popular casino slots game in the UK.

Rainbow Riches Win Big Shindig Video

As you’d expect from an Irish-themed slot that is led by a leprechaun (I mean, no-brainer, right?) the start of the game is announced by our very own leprechaun friend. He starts the first of our Rainbow Riches videos by welcoming players with his little Irish giggle and the well-known phrase “Top of the morning to you, and the rest of the day to yourself!” It might just be me, but I can’t help replying to our mischievous Irish friend. “Top of the morning to yourself!” I shout at the screen, like some American tourist loon let loose at a theme park.

There is no let up in the leprechaun’s antics. As our Rainbow Riches videos show, he guides you liltingly through the game, encouraging you onwards through the bonus rounds and laughing gleefully at your winnings. Maybe he wants some of your gold, maybe he’s got his own. Either way, he seems happy enough.

Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold Video

Like the Win Big Shindig, the Pots of Gold video is led by our cheeky leprechaun. With an extra bonus round and different styling to the Win Big Shindig, the second of our Rainbow Riches videos is perfect for mobile gaming. I dare you to avoid replying to the loony leprechaun wherever you may be, and if you aren’t hopping, skipping and jumping when those pots of gold and wishing wells come knocking then you aren’t human. But you might be a closet leprechaun, in which case there is plenty of opportunity for you to learn the ropes, and no better place to learn.

Rainbow Riches

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