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We review the top online slots providers and recommend the safest and most customer friendly places to play the Rainbow Riches Slot game.

Slotmine Casino Review

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE – As of October 2014, Slotmine has closed. All players can continue to play at ChitChatBingo with their old details, or register as a new player. *** With a self-proclamation of “entertainment gold”, it is not surprising that new gamers are drawn to Slotmine’s site. While it may be true that the… Read More [+]

Betvictor Slots

BetVictor is one of the world’s leading independent bookmaking and gaming groups there is plenty of know-how behind it. They have developed an excellent online slots division and I will give you low-down here. This knowledge and experience is like having Gandalf guide you through a slots-based gaming house, but without fear of a Balrog… Read More [+]

MoneyGaming Casino

It goes without saying that the inspiration behind most gamers’ passion for the genre is excitement at the games themselves, but also at the proposition of winning money while doing it. Moneygaming combined these two motivations into a catchy, appealing name, and just a quick browse through the site reveals it is as exciting as… Read More [+]

Paddy Power Games Review

If you haven’t heard of Paddy Power, you’d better get out of the kitchen. Or, rather, the gaming scene. The Irish-based gaming provider made its name offering sports betting in a “punter-friendly format”. The firm is renowned for its refund offers and specialist markets in the world of sports betting, and it has brought every… Read More [+]

Ladbrokes Games Review

Take a walk down any UK high street and amid the pies and whippets you are bound to find a Ladbrokes, not least because the company was founded in the 19th Century! With such an impressive history, it is unsurprising that the company continues to take strides at the top of the online gaming pile,… Read More [+]

Mr Green Casino Review

Green is the word in years alone for this new casino on the block. Formed in 2008, Mr Green Casino is the brainchild of the founders of leading online sports book, Betsson. Fredrik Sidfalk and Henrik Bergquist are two names that may not be rolling off the tongue of UK gamers just yet but their… Read More [+]

Sky Vegas Casino Review

Who hasn’t heard of Sky? Football fans across the country will be fully versed in the broadcasting behemoth’s comprehensive coverage, and their first class sports catalogue led to the company offering its customers sports book services. From that point it was only a short step to introduce full-on casino betting, and with the might of… Read More [+]

Betfair Arcade

The saying goes in our office that all is fair in love and gaming. The Betfair Group have seemingly taken this very ideology on to its furthermost point in the creation of their casino and arcade offerings. Developed following the group’s successful global sports betting exchange business, Betfair Casino and Betfair Arcade apply the same… Read More [+]

Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor is a name steeped in history, dating way back to the days of William the Conqueror. Now, the Grosvenor eldest holds the title of the Duke of Westminster, and is the UK’s seventh richest man. So for Grosvenor Casino it is rich pedigree indeed – and no wonder it boasts a reputation as the… Read More [+]

Virgin Casino Review

Just like our Rainbow Riches leprechaun, Virgin’s Richard Branson is a business maestro and entrepreneur extraordinaire. The only difference is that Mr. Branson is a bit less ginger, and a lot less Irish. Fortunately, neither of these factors count against him as his Virgin Casino continues to go from strength to strength and offer some… Read More [+]

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